Gnome Blog 2


Hi!! Sam, the boy I live with, sazs we r in cyberspace agen? I thort we were watching the telly but sam says, its the computer.But where’s all; the gud stuff about gnoems I asked? sam is not very pashient becaws i type slowly and English is hard for us with the speling and stuff. He says He will take ova.

Hi. sam here. I live with four gnomes now and they often hang around my computer because they think its like television. Tomte said, ” Where’s the real info about gnomes? And then Binky, his brother said, ” Yeah and where’s some recipies?” (because gnomes are always hungry.) Then Gneville, whose just moved into the daisy garden said , ” Where’s all the gardening tips?” and Hedgewick, whose the youngest said,” I think you’d better start a blog sam, to tell people all about us.”

I was surprised. Gnomes don’t like technology, they’re not good around toasters or vacuum cleaners or computers. Only last week Binky was eating a muffin near my keyboard. I’m not sure what happened but now I can’t get a capital s no matter how hard I try. Watch this :  seven super slippery seal said sally my sister sang songs from sunday until september. see not a big s in sight!
Binky says it wasn’t a muffin it was a weetbix and he may have dribbled a bit of weetbix spit onto the keyboard. seriously! stay away from my computer I said- I need it for school and talking to my friends but then Hedgewick said ,”People love gnomes, they want to know all about us. “What about gnomenappers,”  I asked. “People are always nicking gnomes”. “Hello!” said Tomte , ” we want to tell biggies ( that’s what gnomes called humans) how to stop us being gnomenapped.
” And other important stuff, “said Binky, ” we could swap recipes:)” He had a point, gnomes are terrific cooks.
But you can’t turn on the computer , “I said. “You can’t type, you won’t even talk on the telephone.”
Then they all fell over laughing and rolling about the desk!!7-817? 6!1628!6,!3;,39$,31895,$95$,9853$,2@@&4,
”Get off the keyboard!”
” We’re not doing it silly chicken,” said Tomte. You’re doing it for us!

” But I haven’t got time, ” I said. ” I’ve got homework and sport and Flora (she’s my mum) is always getting mad at me because I spend so much time on the computer.”  I’m not sure what happened after that. Hedge wick started to stare into my eyes so I shut them immediately . I know when a gnomes is doing magic. But then I smelled a strange smell like cake cooking and Tomte started whispering something and the  next thing I know ,here I am typing like a lunatic and I seem to have written a blog. Better go -I can hear Flora coming.

X sam