Gnome Blog No 3. Worried Sick!

Worried sick pic 1

Hi Sam here.
I’d like to say Happy New Year. NOT! I have to go back to school in a week and even worse, Darling and Tomte are both sick. I was writing my name on all my new school books when I heard the most awful noises. It was Darling the cat, and Tomte, our gnome, and they were both going nuts! Tomte was jumping on the couch like an Olympic gymnast and Darling was doing laps around the lounge room. Suddenly THEY TURNED GREEN and spewed waves of sick on the rug. This is really gross but Tomte was making terrible smells in between vomiting.
When I spied the giant chocolate bar I got for Christmas I realised what had happened.
It was under the piano and all that was left were bits of wrapper. Tomte and Darling had eaten the whole thing for breakfast-even the foil and some of the cardboard. I didn’t know what to do first- clean up the spew or open a window, so I just screamed for Mum -FLORA!!!
Flora came running and when she stopped screaming we gave them a drink of water and rang the Poisons Hotline. Chocolate is poisonous for cats and too much is bad for gnomes. We did the only thing we could – we took them both to the vet. The vet says chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and hyperactivity in cats. It does the same thing for gnomes- fortunately it was milk chocolate because dark chocolate can kill them!
Anyway Tomte was so sick he didn’t even freeze in front of the vet. Darling just lay on her side. I don’t really want to tell you what happened at the vet, except it involved rubber gloves, bottoms and needles. I am worried sick!

1 Hour Later
The vet just rang to say they are both recovering. They have done some giant chocolate spews and lots of foil has come out both ends of them plus some gold cardboard. Flora looked relieved but grim and told me to “NEVER EVER EVER” leave chocolate hidden under my bed. I agreed because Flora was holding her cheque book and said it was the most expensive chocolate bar ever. She didn’t even laugh when I said we should buy a brown rug for the lounge room.


X Sam -

PS. I couldn’t get Tomte to tell me how to find a gnome doctor and I didn’t have any oak bark to cure him. (See True Book of Gnomes page 69 – for poison cures.)