NOME BLOG numba wun!!


Starz and Moons ! Sam, the boy I live with, sazs we r in cyberspace?1 Whats that mean :0
Flora, Sam’s mum says intraduce yourself and sam sez heed beta take ova beecaws my spelling is unuwsewal.

Hi Sam here- quick explanation- Tomte is our house gnome. He came to live with us after he was kidnapped and we rescued him. He’s terrible at technology and it takes him hours to type a sentence. Flora is my mum and she says I should just write what Tomte tells me because he finds English hard to write. Yes Sir! So here’s Tomte and this is what he wants to say

? Hello it’s Tomte here. Is anybody there? I am a gnome and I live with a family in Brisbane. There are five of us- me- Tomte
Sam- 12, {Petal- his little sister, Flora- the mum, Dad- the dad. Alby,Sam’s grandad- who’s ace and speaks gnome and darling the cat. I have lots of brothers and sisters too but I’ll tell you about them later. Lots of stuff has a happened to us lately and you can read all bout it on this thing Sam calls a blog. Sounds kinda muddy to me. Haaa Haa.)
If u want to know EVERYTHING about gnomes it’s in a book called The True Book of Gnomes.
So about me :)

  • Height: 30 cm
  • Weight: 6 kilos
  • Favourite colour: Pink!
  • Favourite food: food
  • Favourite Band: the Bavarian Lute and Accordion band
  • Favourite cat:Darling- she shares her food with me.

I am just going for a snack. Back soon xxxXXXXoooo